Promotional image for IKAE (styled as the IKEA logo) - Text: The Everyday Wonderful, 13 October 7pm, Barnfield Theatre
6 members of the Northcott Young Company performing in their show. 2 members are sat down, 2 members are stood up, and 2 members are stood up with their right hands to their head saluting.
3 members of the Northcott Young Company. 1 member is holding another member in their arms, looking scared at the third member

The Everyday Wonderful

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The Northcott Young Company have been working with Le Navet Bete to design a show based on the comic physical theatre style for which the company are best known. We join the staff and customers of everyone’s favourite flatpack store as they await the arrival of the Swedish leadership team. Will the manager wrangle his chaotic staff into some semblance of order? Will Jason get his comeuppance? Will they find the allen key? Will the customer services soothsayer really save the day? And will they ever find the customer they’ve lost in the ball pool….?

Age 12+
Contains occasional strong language

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