This is My Body

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There are “reasonable grounds” to suspect that a Romanian woman, who has been
working as a prostitute in the UK, is the victim of human trafficking.
She is given
days to “reflect and recover”. But will this be enough time to come t
o terms with the
horrors she has endured?
This powerful one-woman play, written by Martin O’Brien, directed by Paul Jepso
and performed by Agata Jarosz, toured the UK in 2014, including a perfo
rmance at
the St James Theatre in London. It uncovers the shocking reality of h
uman trafficking
in the UK, and the failures of the system to adequately respond to and supp
ort the
Audience acclaim for the play:
An immensely powerful portrayal of a young woman

s struggle to face the reality
of her situation.
A profoundly important piece of theatre. Deeply meaningful
and thought-
provoking with an incredible performance at its core. T
his needs a wider audience! 75min 16+

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