What is important to our city’s different communities? What’s missing, and what do they want to see more of? Where do they feel unseen and unheard? And how can we work together to make culture in Exeter more interesting, relevant, representative, accessible and appealing to anyone who lives here?


Charting a direction, together

Last year we began a series of creative conversations with some of our city’s cultural and heritage communities, looking for answers to these questions.

In November, we gathered with members of Exeter and Devon’s Hindu, Polish and Windrush communities. Supported by Devon Diversity Consultants, we spent two fantastic days together, exploring what culture means to us all and dreaming up ideas for future projects. 

A large group of people sitting in a circle
Photo © Emily Appleton
A woman laughs while standing in front of a whiteboard covered with drawings and printed photos
Photo © Emily Appleton

Spending time at the Northcott as well as the Barnfield theatre buildings, we talked, laughed, played games, told stories, shared elements of our cultural heritage and kindled some brilliant ideas for future collaborations.

Local visual artist Monic Shanta Brown joined us on our journey, encapsulating our thoughts and ideas in a stunning visual process map and a participatory performance piece. (We also, of course, ate a lot, courtesy of catering from the superb local Dinosaur Café.) 

This was only the starting point…

Save The Date: The Story of Us

Sunday 11 September

The Story of Us is a vibrant cultural festival celebrating Devon’s Polish, Hindu and Carribean communities.

Join us at the Barnfield Theatre for a jampacked day featuring:

Arts and crafts workshops, storytelling, music, poetry, dance workshops, stand-up comedy, photo and art exhibitions, live performance, food and drink, a treasure hunt and more!

Everyone is welcome.

Devised and delivered by the Encompass group, in partnership with Exeter Northcott Theatre and Beyond Face Theatre Company.

A man smiles while gesturing to another man and a woman
Photo © Emily Appleton

We welcome new members!

If you belong to one of the communities we are working with for this project (Hindu, Polish or Windrush) and are interested in getting involved (or know someone who might be), please contact us on participation@exeternorthcott.co.uk

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