Northcott Stories

The Northcott is not just a venue. It’s a network of people who are making amazing creative things happen. From Associate Artists and freelance practitioners to volunteers and young creatives, their stories can be found here.

Northcott Presents: Launch Festival 2021

Delve into our Archive

Northcott presents: Duryard Song Project

Sophie McCormack tells us more about the Exeter Northcott Heritage Project

Northcott presents: The Time Is Now Commissions

Spotlight On: BOOM – One Year On

Northcott Presents: The Time (for change) is Now Commissions

Northcott presents: Almost There

Northcott presents: Behind the Curtain

Lucy Bell tells us more about the Northcott Futures Producers Programme

Associate Artist: Richard Chappell

Associate Artist: Jack Dean

Associate Artist: Viv Gordon

Associate Company: Le Navet Bete

Spotlight On: Starting from Scratch

Associate Company: CEDA

I <3 Exeter Northcott

Olivia Harvey on what it’s like to be a Northcott Trustee

Spotlight On: Holly Baker

Spotlight On: Pay It Forward

Spotlight On: The Family Tree