Northcott Young Company – UNLOCKed

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2pm (10am group – age 9-12)
4pm (12.30pm group – age 13-16)
6pm (3pm group – age 13-16)

As part of  UNLOCKtoberfest, the Northcott Young Company will be making three brand-new pieces of theatre from scratch, which they will perform to socially-distanced audiences of their friends and family. Each NYC class, who are aged between 9 and 16 and meet on Saturdays, will use as a starting point the film Tomorrow, which was made in August as part of our NYC Summer Project. The Young Company will work together to explore their experiences of lockdown, whilst also drawing on similar events from history and literature. The 3 resulting shows will be performed at the Northcott on Wednesday 28th October.

The groups have already started the term and are all really excited to be getting back to being creative, having fun and making work together. This term we’ll also be making a documentary of the making of the shows – so we can share the process and celebrate the fact that we’re very much UNLOCKed!

The performance is sold on a socially-distanced basis.

Theatre is best enjoyed with family and friends. When you look at the seating plan to book your tickets for this show, you will notice that there are gaps between available seats, but you will be able to enjoy the show with your bubble. To make sure that social distancing is adhered to across the auditorium, you will only be able to book all of the seats within a ‘bubble’. If your required bubble size is not available (including larger groups!), or you have any access needs, please get in touch with us on 01392 72 63 63 (Tue-Sat 10am-2pm) or via and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.


“Invigoratingly funny. Baddiel continues his extraordinary run of form as a live comedian as he reprises and reframes his best and worst Twitter encounters. Huge fun it is too…”

The Times

“Invigoratingly funny. Baddiel continues his extraordinary run of form as a live comedian as he reprises and reframes his best and worst Twitter encounters. Huge fun it is too…”

Another Person

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