Sellout by David Lane

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A script-in-hand reading in aid of the ENCORE Fund to support Exeter Northcott Theatre

“If you treat people like consumers, then that’s how the system behaves. When we don’t sell you the marks you want, you can take us to court.”

Frank is a brilliant, inspiring lecturer. But now he’s been suspended for speaking his mind. His wife has left him for a Greek. His son is ditching education for car sales. His boss thinks he’s a cash cow but he won’t sell marks in exchange for income. Exasperated by bureaucracy, can he preserve the values he holds so dear? One last act of defiance might just bring the system tumbling to its knees…

Savage, impassioned and funny, SELLOUT puts us at the heart of the crisis in our education system, where the pursuit of knowledge takes second place to the pursuit of money.

Back-stabbing, lies and manipulation: it’s just another day at the Bursar’s office.


Upstart Theatre presents a reading of the new play by David Lane (BEGIN/END, Meyer Whitworth Nominee 2011; RUSH, Theatre West 2012; I AM ENGLAND, the egg 2012).

Upstart Theatre’s mission is to create compelling and entertaining theatre, which confronts the biggest questions facing the society we live in. Their previous productions include THE MADDENING RAIN (with Darbourne Luff), OH WELL NEVER MIND BYE, and WATER SCULPTURES/ZOO.

SELLOUT began life on the Bricks & Mortar playwrights’ development programme at the Hall for Cornwall in 2009, under director Anna Coombs and 503 Resident Dramaturg Sarah Dickenson.

Directed by Tom Mansfield
Presented by Upstart Theatre with Andrew Smaje

Run Time 2hrs 5mins

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